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Current Shar Pei Puppies for sale: All of our puppies will come into your home with their AKC REGISTRATION papers. MiniSharPei.com puppies are very well socialized and started on potty training. They are raised in a family environment with other dogs and children, so you can rest assured that your puppy has been handled frequently, played with and socialized when he or she comes into your home. They come to you accustomed to taking baths, having their nails clipped and with their first set of shots and are dewormed. They also come with a genetic health guarantee!

If you would like to be put on a waiting list for the next litter, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us by phone or email.




SOLD Lilac Horse Coat Male 1 $1200 Contact Arielle @ (209) 573-1245 SOLD

This little boy has the prettiest, golden lilac horse coat. He has the perfect amount of wrinkles too! We call him Goldie. He sure is vocal! He is always “talking” when we hold him with little grunts and growls!

UPDATE 1/17- This guy is really turning out to be very friendly and is always wanting to be held and talked to. He is very outgoing and sweet and climbs right into your lap. He has the most beautiful coloring and is very social and sweet. No eye tacking!

minisharpei_DSC0793 edit_DSC0836 edit_DSC0837 edit_DSC0843



SOLD Black Horse Coat Female 2 SOLD Contact Arielle @ (209) 573-1245

This little girl is soooo tiny! She is the smallest of the bunch and we call her Tiny. She is all wrinkles and is such a lover! We are loving all the snuggles we get from this sweet girl! You can see a size comparison between Tiny and Goldie. Regardless of her small size, Tiny is just as feisty as her brothers and sister! Don’t let her size fool you. She was the first to open her eyes and the first to start walking around on all four feet!

Update 1/17- This little girl had us worried because she is so small, but her health is outstanding and she has been the first to do everything! She opened her eyes first, was the first to walk and is always the first to greet you. She is very laid back and loves to be held, but still has an outgoing and social personality. Her little tail is always wagging and she is a very happy girl! She is held the most by the kids because she they love her compact size. No eye tacking!

minisharpei_DSC0825edit_DSC0839 edit_DSC0841 edit_DSC0843


SOLD Black Brush Coat Female 1 SOLD Contact Arielle @ (209) 573-1245

This little girl is so fluffy! So that’s what we call her :) Fluffy is the biggest of the bunch and beyond snuggly! It seems like she’s always sleeping and she is so fun to hold right now!

minisharpeifemale1_DSC0663 minisharpeifemale1_DSC0665


SOLD Lilac Horse Coat Male 2 $ SOLD Contact Arielle @ (209) 573-1245

This boy was born the runt but has quickly caught up to his brothers and sisters. He is so feisty and sweet and is always ready to eat! We have named him Runty, although he is not the smallest anymore!

minisharpeimale2_DSC0674 minisharpeimale2_DSC0680



SOLD Lilac Horse Coat Male 2 SOLD Contact Arielle @ (209) 573-1245

This guy has so many wrinkles! He is so adorable and we love to hold him! We call him wrinkles.

minisharpeimale3_DSC0684 minisharpeimale3_DSC0685





Little Girl with Mini Shar Peis